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All coments for the songs are written by Mike Edwards and excerpts from the artsleeves for CDs. Click images to open details windows.

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The Greatest
Never Enough
The Best of
The Collection

* The Collection album can be purchased only from the official site.

amazon: ジーザス・ジョーンズ

amazon: Jesus Jones


Filmed live at Marquee, London. Special features include fimed interview and biography. Running time approximately 153 minutes

1 Zeros And One's 2 Move Mountains 3 International Bright Young Thing 4 Caricature 5 Next Big Thing 6 Devil You Know 7 In The Face Of All This 8 Bring It All Down 9 All The Answers 10 Chemical Number One 11 Come On Over 12 Right Here, Right Now 13 Are You Satified 14 Welcome Back Victoria 15 Message 16 Never Enough 17 Rock Ships 18 Half Up The Hill 19 Real Real Real 20 Nowhere Slow 21 Info Freako 22 Who Where Why 23 Trust Me 24 Cut & Dried 25 Idiot Stare

Live at the Marquee [PAL/Region 2 DVD]


Garnie's Collection

Various updated. [Dec 3, 2005]

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