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Jesus Jones Articles Archive

2006 JJ on the Press

Reminiscin' - Interview [October 2006]

2005 JJ on the Press

Jesus Jones - live pics
8月4日、Garageでのギグの写真 [Thanks Elaine and Russ!]

PhoenixFM - Brentwood's Only Alternative
2005年8月のUK Tour、MikeとIainのスナップ、ギグの写真とインタビュー(mp3) | Jesus Jones, Ned's Atomic Dustbin, and more on DVD

What Mountain Bike? April 2005 / June 2005 / July 2005

2004 JJ on the Press

rockin' on February 2004 issue [Jan 2004]

Q magazine : Where Are They Now?

2003 JJ on the Press

Guardian Unlimited | Arts Features | Still here, right now [Aug 9, 2003]
Mike Edwardsの手記。アーカイブはこちら

2002 JJ on the Press

LoseControl - New Music Community Mike Interview [Sept 1st, 2002]

NME Prodigy and Aphex Twin remix Jesus Jones
何故Aphex Twinの写真なのだ、NMEよ…(笑)記事の内容もなんだかいい加減っぽいです。
Ananova - Jesus Jones return with new single,...
[added April 30th, 2002]

2001 - 2001 US / UK Tour Reviews

New York, Limelight, Nov 2001 Drowned in sound
Wolverhampton Civil Hall, 16/12/2001 Drowned in sound
Wolverhampton Civil Hall, 17/12/2001 Drowned in sound
Chicago, Detroit and Ann Arbor [with photos] JESUS JONES
Live Photos (Caution! The site contains Flash and it's 3.2MB!) Visible Rhythm
Glasgow, 15/12/2001[photos] Jesus Jones and More Jesus Jones

Jesus Jones LONDON Album Reviews

Jesus Jones - London | Album Review @ Music-C...
SF Herald: Jesus Jones "London"
[Added November 30th, 2002]

[fmSound] Reviews - Jesus Jones "London"
TWAS 354: Gay Dad, Jesus Jones
Drowned in sound
FAC193~Jesus Jones, "London"
[Added on January 1st 2002]

Mike's Online Interview:
[Added on Oct 6th 2001]

Gig at Arlene Grocery, NY: May 05 2001 Webcast Archive

Jesus Jones Gig at Arlene Grocery, NY on 5.5.01 Gig Review
Mike's Interview by FAC193 / Jack Alberson
[Added on May 19th 2001]

Mike's Interview by Shauna Skye at
[Added on May 4th 2001]

Mike's Interview by Elaine: Answers as of 26/3/01
From Jesus Jones and more Jesus Jones: Exclusive Interview.


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